Jumpsuits are like Nordstrom. They're fabulous and sad all at the same time. If you are like me, jumpsuits are like dressed up pajamas that you can throw on shoes and a bag and be ready to walk out the door. The challenge is that since it is all one piece, it can be incredibly hard to find a jumpsuit that fits your body dimensions right, which is key. The one I am wearing, I bought at Urban Outfitters. 

I have found the most luck with dark fabrics that are loose fitting and either a silk or breathable fabric. A cinched waste can help with not making you look like a trash bag and if it has a tie waist you can tailor it a bit more to your body. If there isn't a tie waist, throw on a statement belt to add some flare. 



For this silk romper, I wanted to dress it down from a wedding I wore it to for every day use. I added an olive and khaki side purse to add a little color variation. 


Grab a studded leather jacket to be prepared for the weather changes throughout the day and to have something to hold on to so you don't have awkward dinosaur hands when you're talking to people.  SHOP THE JACKET: Free People

Other accents I added were a gold (fake) diamond cross ring, ray ban sunglasses and an all matte black watch. 


I went with a laced-up black heel to make the look a little edgier. The great thing about black is that you can mix and match different bags and shoes to completely reinvent the same jumpsuit. 


Give the look a try! If you want to tone it down a bit, you can stick with a pump and envelope clutch.