16b63877d7717ffd0eaf843b67f1e90c.jpg's that time of year again that no matter what we do to prepare for it always seems to sneak up on us. With Victoria's Secret discontinuing swimwear, it left the majority of us confused about where to shop.  I searched high and low for some of my favorite reliable swimwear brands to share with you. Of course, there are great suits I did not include, but mostly because they are simply not practical. Even though they may look great in a picture, I didn't want you strapped with terrible tan lines or pulling your "cheeky" suit out of your butt the vast majority of the day. 

Most of the styles I selected are clean, classic and will look great on most silhouettes. 



Wetsuits are all the rage this season, even if you aren't a surfer. They provide great coverage in a stylish manner for those trying to hide a little more or stay out of the sun. 



All of my pregnant friends lucked out this year with one-pieces being in style. I am sure when I get pregnant string bikinis will be back in.... 


The most flattering "spanx" of swimwear. The best way to hide those trouble areas (aka muffin tops) is the high-waisted bikini. I'm not sure about you, but I always feel instantly slimmer.


You can't go wrong with a classic bikini. The trick is to find a brand that fits and then expand on some of their other styles. I have a problem with my bust and band size. I tend to find it best when the top is adjustable or has ties to adjust to my particular needs. 


Below are some of my favorite, effortless coverups. These range from oversized tops to rompers and jumpsuits. 

Best of luck ladies. Show that swimwear who's BOSS!