I am going to be transparent here and say that I am going to Lollapalooza in Chicago this weekend and plan on being a 100% poser. I ordered two entirely new outfits for the event. To me this isn't posing. 1. because I am aware of what is happening and 2. because events like this are like an adult's Halloween. It gives us a reason to dress up, forget our worries and be someone else for a day ( and have an excuse for the things you did because it wasn't you, it was "someone else")

Festivals are all the rage, not just for the experience, but for the fashion. That "untucked, I threw this on" look that actually took weeks to prepare. 

How do you dress for these events? Good question. I gave you options ranging from how easy or hard it will be to undress and pee in the porta potty. You're welcome. My favorite festival styles are posted below. 

1. Bodysuit, jean shorts and kimono

2. High-waisted cotton shorts and a band tee

3. Two-piece cotton pairing

4. Leather or suede skirt, buckle belt, basic tank and statement necklace

5. Midi cotton dress and booties



There are a few staple items that can go with any of these looks, and every festival look needs the following accessories. 

Black round sunglasses


Gold arm bangles

Side-purse, backpack or fanny pack (yep, I went there)

Tattoo (just kidding, but I did think about it)